We exist to connect businesses and their audience in a more human & authentic way.


About Our Creative Digital Agency

Our focus is helping others create meaningful connections using  digital mediums such as, inbound marketing, SEO, and web design. We combine creativity with actionable insights to help our clients grow. Marketing is more than just generating leads, its about generating business results.

Marketing legend Simon Sinek once said that people don’t buy what we do, but why we do it. What is our “Why”?

“SMA Marketing exists to connect businesses and their target audience in a more personal, human and authentic way.”

-Ryan Shelley, Founder & CGO

SMA Marketing is a global creative digital marketing agency based in Central Florida. We work with engineering and technology firms, startups and local businesses by helping them amplify their message and connect with their ideal customers.

Helping businesses and organizations share their story online is not our  job, it's something we're passionate about. 

Providing Personalized Digital Marketing Solutions

As industry thought leaders in SEO, Content Marketing and Business Intelligence, we help our clients share their stories effectively, and make sure they get heard by the right person, at the right time. 

Our Values

  • Honesty
  • Authenticity
  • Hard work
  • Passion
  • Trust
  • Commitment
  • Calculated Risk-taking

These aren’t just words to us. They are the pillars our agency is built on, and the values which underline the approach we take to every project.

Effective Marketing is about Connection

Our marketing philosophy is grounded in a single, proven central belief: the best way to grow a business is to understand your audience and build a connection with them.

Anyone can shout a sales pitch. It takes passion and empathy to see your audience’s worldview, to understand what motivates them, and to offer valuable information and solutions to their problems. That’s how we build trust and authority for our clients and grow their businesses. 

What makes us different? We don’t believe in pre-made, packaged marketing solutions. Every campaign we design is tailored to the unique challenges, goals and target audiences of our clients. We bring a “human” element to marketing that is sorely lacking nowadays. 

To us, marketing isn’t just “business”. It’s personal.

Our Team

Whether you need a customized inbound marketing strategy, more visibility in search, or a complete redesign of your website, our team of world-class digital marketing professionals are ready to take on any challenge. Each member of our virtual team brings their own unique talents to the table, and works around the clock across all time zones to bring your vision to life, and expand the reach and impact of your business.  

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