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Want to Know How Rich Listings Drive More Business?

Too many businesses still think of local digital presence with a yellow pages mindset, believing that name, address, and phone are all customers need to make a decision. Today’s mobile consumers expect more.

Getting a business listed on a website, app, or directory site is the essential foundation of building a digital presence. But the full value is unlocked when businesses start using their local digital presence not just for basic discovery but as a distinct marketing channel.

Businesses can differentiate themselves and stand out from competitors by leveraging rich listings—moving beyond name, address, and phone to incorporate additional listing information.

Our partner, Yext, conducted a three-month study of 31,000 locations to illustrate the relationship between rich listings, with information like photos and descriptions, and consumer engagement. The study used PowerListings® Analytics to measure how the completeness of a listing affected the following metrics:

  • IMPRESSIONS: How often a business listing was displayed to a user in search results
  • LISTING VIEWS: How often a user viewed a business listing
  • SPECIAL OFFER CLICKS: How often a user clicked a special within a business listing
  • YELP PAGE VIEWS: How often a user viewed a Yelp business listing

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This whitepaper contains the results of Yext's 2015 Comparative Listings Study, which analyzed 31,000 businesses to asses how the completeness of a listing affects consumer engagement. Download it today and see how rich listings help drive more business.