The SOAP Sequence Email Template

Get leads to fall in love with your brand.

There are many different ways to engage prospects through email marketing. But, there is one way that yields excellent results. With the SOAP Sequence, you are certain to drive your prospects down the sales funnel quickly and seamlessly. 

Coming up with five catchy emails can be tough. Thankfully, you don't have to spend too much time writing email content. We have put together five FREE email templates for each email within the SOAP Sequence. 

SOAP Sequence Email Template cover

What's included in the offer:

  • Email templates for each step in the sequence
  • Creative and compelling content 
  • Additional ideas, tips and tricks. 

Use these templates to start writing effective emails that will guide your prospects down the marketing and sales funnel, turning them into paying customers. 

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Up Your Email Game With the SOAP Sequence

The SOAP sequence is a series of email messages used to “butter up” new prospects, leads, and email subscribers. These emails focus on building a relationship with your new prospect, creating trust as well as an interest with your brand and/or product.